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I’m a sunrise person now…

August 9, 2012

Every time I get those cute little surveys — sunrise or sunsets? — it has been an obvious choice for me.  Whether I have the luck of being on a beach somewhere on a warm island or I’m crossing a bridge after a rough drive down 95, catching the hues of orange and pink have always made my day end well.   Maybe it’s that my sleeping patterns have changed as I’ve moved into my 30s (rising without an alarm clock!), but this year I’ve had new found appreciation for sunrises.

I’ve had a lot of great sunrises recently.  During a trip to Las Vegas, I was placed on the east side of a hotel and saw the sun come up over the mountains every morning…beautiful.   But I probably had one of my best experiences during a visit to Bar Harbor, ME and Acadia National Park.
Went up to Cadillac Mountain summit, which happens to be the highest point on the eastern seaboard.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the highest point on the East Coast, it’s the highest point within reasonable proximity of the ocean.  The view from above gives you all sorts of views of the island, but is particularly situated well for sunrise.   My friends and I were up early and to the mountain by 4:15 a.m.  We arrived slightly earlier than needed, which was a reward.  As one of the first few groups at the mountain, we had a peaceful start and were able to feel the energy and more people gathered on the mountain.  We also saw the very first cracks of lights.   Rich tones of purple and magenta changed to pinks and oranges ’til the sun brought the blue sky with it.

Pictures just don’t do justice.

The light begins touching the horizon and reveals a classic view of Bar Harbor — the Porcupine Islands.

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